The Dance Brigade

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The Dance Brigade
The Dance Brigade
Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Ska
Years active 2007-present
Members Lee Thompson
Keith Finch
Jennie Matthias
Chico Chagas
Chalky White
Daniel Burdett
Debra Barker

The Dance Brigade are a ska band from London. Founded by Keith Finch (JA13, Crown of Thorns) and Lee "Kix" Thompson (Madness) in late summer 2007, they were soon joined by Jennie Matthias (The Belle-Stars). The other musicians came from projects they had been involved in.

Their ska-based music is a hybrid of styles mixed in with technology; a 'Global Pillage' of sounds, reflecting the multi-cultural and global heritage of the band members.

Their live show at the 100 club was a clash of new generation ska and visuals, with live videos running con-currently to the music, which featured computers and a live band on stage. They were joined onstage by various guests from the reggae world including Dave Barker (Dave and Ansell Collins) who has recorded a track with them. After the show various members have gone their separate ways, with their own bands but an album has been recorded and is soon to be released as at 2017.

Lee Thompson and Keith Finch have also written together tracks on the recent Madness albums "Qui Qui, Si Si, Da Da, Ja Ja' deluxe edition, and "Can't touch us now".

Band members[edit]

  • Lee Thompson (Saxophone, Vocals)
  • Jennie Matthias (Lead Vocals)
  • Keith Finch (Production and programming)
  • Chico Chagas (Keyboards, Guitar, Accordion)
  • Chalky White (Trumpet)
  • Daniel Burdett (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Debra Barker (Backing Vocals)

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