The Dance Brigade

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The Dance Brigade
The Dance Brigade
Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Ska
Years active 2007-present
Members Lee Thompson
Keith Finch
Jennie Matthias
Chico Chagas
Chalky White
Daniel Burdett
Debra Barker

The Dance Brigade are a ska band from London. Founded by Keith Finch (JA13, Crown of Thorns) and Lee "Kix" Thompson (Madness) in late summer 2007, they were soon joined by Jennie Matthias (The Belle-Stars). The other musicians came from projects they had been involved in.

Their ska-based music is a hybrid of styles mixed in with technology; a 'Global Pillage' of sounds, reflecting the multi-cultural and global heritage of the band members.

Their live shows are a clash of new generation ska and visuals, with live videos running con-currently to the music, which feature computers and a live band on stage. They are joined onstage by various guests from the reggae world including Dave Barker (Dave and Ansell Collins) who has recorded a track with them.

Band members[edit]

  • Lee Thompson (Saxophone, Vocals)
  • Jennie Matthias (Lead Vocals)
  • Keith Finch (Production and programming)
  • Chico Chagas (Keyboards, Guitar, Accordion)
  • Chalky White (Trumpet)
  • Daniel Burdett (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Debra Barker (Backing Vocals)

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