The Death of Tragedy (Tragedy Khadafi album)

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The Death of Tragedy
The Death of Tragedy(album).jpg
Studio album by Tragedy Khadafi
Released June 19, 2007
Genre East Coast Hip Hop
Label Traffic Entertainment/25 To Life Entertainment
Producer Havoc
Scram Jones
Engineer the Big booty butt bandit
GQ Beats
Now & Laterz
Crack Val
The Alchemist
4th Disciple
Tragedy Khadafi chronology
Thug Matrix 2
The Death of Tragedy
Lethal Weapon

The Death Of Tragedy is the eighth album released by hip-hop artist Tragedy Khadafi. The album was released on June 19, 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "G-Formation" (produced by Havoc)
  2. "The Truest" (produced by Scram Jones)
  3. "I Am The Streets" (produced by Betrayal)
  4. "Murder By Numbers" (feat. Milk Murder) (produced by GQ Beats)
  5. "Crime Legacy" (produced by Now & Laterz)
  6. "Sole Dead Brothers" (feat. Shinobi & Christ Castro) (produced by Scram Jones)
  7. "Militant Mind State" (produced by Now & Laterz)
  8. "Ryder Musik" (produced by GQ Beats)
  9. "Emaculate G's" (feat. Kool G Rap) (produced by Crack Val)
  10. "Intimate Vision" (produced by GQ Beats)
  11. "Dejavu" (produced by Now & Laterz)
  12. "If You Don't Know" (produced by Now & Laterz)
  13. "25 To Life" (feat. Milk Murder) (produced by GQ Beats)
  14. "Elbouhio Of Death" (produced by GQ Beats)
  15. "Milk Murder (Tribute)" (feat. Milk Murder) (produced by The Alchemist)
  16. "Skit"
  17. "Mind State" (-Bonus track- feat. Killa Sha) (produced by 4th Disciple)