The Devil in Me

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The Devil in Me
Studio album by Thelma Houston
Released October 18, 1977
Recorded 1977
Genre R&B, urban, disco
Label Motown
Producer Brenda Sutton, Michael B. Sutton, Brian Holland, Greg Wright, Michel Rubini, Clayton Ivey, Terry Woodford, Michael Masser
Thelma Houston chronology
Any Way You Like It
(1976)Any Way You Like It1976
The Devil in Me
Two to One
(1978)Two to One1978

The Devil in Me is the fifth album by Thelma Houston released in 1977.[1] While this album did not duplicate the commercial success of the Any Way You Like It album, it became a modest commercial success, peaking at #64 in the US album chart/#29 R&B. The lead single was the R&B and Club/Dance chart hit, "I'm Here Again". "I Can't Go On Living Without Your Love" was issued as a double-sided 12" single back-to-back with Diana Ross' "Your Love Is So Good to Me".[2]

The album was arranged by Kim Richmond, James Anthony Carmichael, Gordon C. Berg, Greg Wright, Michel Rubini and Michael Omartian.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm Here Again" (Brenda Sutton, Kathy Wakefield, Michael B. Sutton)
  2. "It's Just Me Feeling Good" (Brenda Sutton, Michael B. Sutton, Pam Sawyer)
  3. "I Can't Go on Living Without Your Love" (Brian Holland, Edward Holland, Jr., Richard Davis)
  4. "Triflin'" (Greg Wright, Karin Patterson)
  5. "Give Me Something To Believe In" (Michel Rubini, Bob Siller, Don Dunn)
  6. "Memories" (Michel Rubini, Bob Siller)
  7. "I've Got the Devil in Me" (Michel Rubini, Harold Beatty)
  8. "Baby, I Love You Too Much" (Barbara Wyrick, Mickey Buckins)
  9. "Your Eyes" (Michael Masser, Pam Sawyer)