The Don Flows Home to the Sea

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The Don Flows Home to the Sea
Author Mikhail Sholokhov
Original title Tikhii Don (part 2)
Country USSR
Language Russian
Genre Novel
Publication date
1928 and 1940 (in serial) & 1940 (this volume in book form)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded by And Quiet Flows the Don

The Don Flows Home to the Sea (1940) is the second in the series of the great Don epic (Tikhii Don) written by Mikhail Sholokhov. It originally appeared in serialized form between 1928 and 1940. The English translation of the second half of this monumental work appeared under this title in 1940.

The novel follows the fortunes of the Don Cossacks in peace and war, revolution and civil war. The novel depicts the destruction of Cossack society during the Civil War. Grigory Melekhov is the protagonist. The book tells of his tragic affair with Aksinia, the wife of a neighbour, and how he fights for the Reds, the Whites, and the Partisans.

Much of the novel used an earlier, unpublished story Sholokhov wrote in 1925 about the Kornilov affair.[1]


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