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Full Love.jpg
Directed byJean-Claude Van Damme
Written byJean-Claude Van Damme
Produced byJean-Claude Van Damme
Eugene Van Varenberg
Moshe Diamant
StarringJean-Claude Van Damme
Claudia Bassols
John Colton
Josef Cannon
Charles St. Michael
Adam Karst
Cal Rein
CinematographyDouglas Milsome
Edited byJean-Claude Van Damme
Noureddine Zerrad
Music byYoussef Guezoum
Rodin Entertainment
Release date
Hong Kong
United States

Frenchy[1] (formerly known as Full Love, Soldiers and The Eagle Path) is an upcoming action drama written, produced, edited, and directed by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who also stars in the film as the main character Frenchy. The film also features two of his children, Kristopher Van Varenberg and Bianca Bree.

The first edit of the film was screened under the former title The Eagle Path during a special distributor screening at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to find a distribution company for a potential theatrical release, but with no success. For that reason, in 2012, parts of the film were reshot and scenes added, the film was renamed Soldiers.[2] Two years after, a new cut of the film with a title change to Full Love, was shown during a special distributor screening at the 2014 Shanghai International Film Festival.[3][4] In 2018, Van Damme attended the Cannes Film Festival again and unsuccessfully tried to find a theatrical distributor for the third time. In 2020, the film was re-edited and renamed again to Frenchy and is still in search of a distributor.[5]


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frenchy
  • Claudia Bassols as Sophia
  • John Colton as Luther Banks
  • Josef Cannon as Bobby Jackson
  • Charles St. Michael as Vinnie Scantino
  • Adam Karst as Soli
  • Cal Rein as Cal
  • Bianca Bree as Bianca Banks
  • Kristopher Van Varenberg as Oren
  • Harry Taylor as Young Frenchy
  • Shay Nicole Collins as Shelby Jackson



The first cut of Frenchy was filmed in Thailand in the summer of 2008 on a budget of $5 million. After unsuccessful special screening in Cannes, organized in 2010 in order to find a distributor for a potential theatrical release, additional footage was shot in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Composer Youssef Guezoum scored the film with additional songs produced by Clarence Jey and performed by Josef Gordon. Music Supervision by Clarence Jey.


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