The Earthworm (album)

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The Earthworm
Studio album by LPG
Released 1995
Genre Hip hop/Rap
Label Brainstorm Artists International
Producer Peace 586
Sup The Chemist
LPG chronology
The Earthworm
360 Degrees

The Earthworm is hip-hop group LPG's first album. It was released under Brainstorm Artists International in 1995. It is considered a classic in the early christian hip hop scene.

  1. A Place Called Hip-Hop
  2. Hour Glass
  3. Worst Enemy, Greatest Allie
  4. Earthworm (Listen)
  5. Too Late
  6. Judge Not (featuring MC Pigeon)
  7. Deafening Silence (featuring Ajax and Sojourn of Future Shock)
  8. Slaughter (featuring Raphi)
  9. Great to be Dead
  10. Then Came Down
  11. I Wonder