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The Egg
The Egg.JPG
Address Empire State Plaza
Location Albany, NY, 12220 USA
Coordinates 42°39′02″N 73°45′31″W / 42.650435°N 73.758516°W / 42.650435; -73.758516
Owner Empire State Plaza
Type Performing arts center
Capacity Lewis A. Swyer Theatre: 450
Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre: 982
Opened 1978

The Egg is a performing arts venue in Albany, New York. Named for its shape, the building was designed by Harrison & Abramovitz as part of the Empire State Plaza project, and built between 1966 and 1978. It is located in the northeast corner of the Plaza.[1] It has become an icon of New York's Capital District due to its unusual shape and central location.


The Egg is slightly inclined, and has a small pedestal on which it appears to sit. In fact, the building is held by a stem that goes down six stories into the Plaza. Attached to this stem is a concrete girdle that surrounds The Egg, enabling it to retain its shape and transmitting its weight to the pedestal.[1] The building's organic shape reflects Nelson Rockefeller's original goal of architectural design that uses the fine artistic elements of sculpture.[2]

The Egg houses two theaters, the 450-seat Lewis A. Swyer Theatre and the 982-seat Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre.[1] It draws many performing acts to Albany, including music, dance, and traditional stage presentations.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

The Egg is the subject of a song by They Might Be Giants, entitled "Albany", which was written for their 2004 Venue Songs compilation album.[3]

In 2013, Mike Gordon of Phish released a live album titled The Egg. The album was recorded live on December 11, 2011 at The Egg.[4]


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Coordinates: 42°39′02″N 73°45′31″W / 42.650435°N 73.758516°W / 42.650435; -73.758516

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