The End of Days

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The End of Days
Studio album by Abney Park
Released October 15, 2010
Genre Neoclassical Darkwave / Steampunk
Label Abney Park
Abney Park chronology
Æther Shanties
The End of Days
Off the Grid

The End of Days is the eleventh album by steampunk band Abney Park, and their third steampunk-themed album. The album was released on October 15, 2010.[1]

Digital release[edit]

The album was released for download on November 2, 2010, three weeks after the release of the physical album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The End of Days" - 3:24
  2. "Neobedouin" - 3:41
  3. "The Wrath of Fate" - 3:05
  4. "I've Been Wrong Before" - 2:54
  5. "Inside the Cage" - 0:21
  6. "Fight or Flight" - 3:15
  7. "Victorian Vigilante" - 4:12
  8. "Chronograph" - 0:32
  9. "Letters Between a Little Boy and Himself as an Adult" - 3:47
  10. "Beautiful Decline" - 4:04
  11. "Off the Grid" - 2:36
  12. "To The Apocalypse in Daddy's Sidecar" - 4:02
  13. "Space Cowboy" - 3:11


Regular band members[edit]

Guest artists[edit]


Anticipating the worst, and father and his young daughter head out into the nothing between major cities, to avoid the coming atomic attack. This is the music video for Abney Park's "To The Apocalypse In Daddies Sidecar", featuring Captain Robert as himself, and Chloe Brown, his daughter, as herself. When Chloe was in pre-school, her teacher asked her, "If you could go anywhere in the world right now, with anyone, where would you go?". Chloe replied, "To The Apocalypse in Daddy's Sidecar!"


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