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The Eyes of Texas is a long-running regional television series which aired original episodes from 1969 to 1999. The program focused on unique people, events, and places throughout the state of Texas. It was produced and syndicated by KPRC-TV and Stonefilms, both in Houston. The series won a number of awards and produced a number of travel guides covering the state, intertwining notable locations featured in the program with the usual tourist attractions.


The first host, KPRC news director Ray Miller (1919–2008), created the show and nurtured it through the early years. The Eyes of Texas evolved into a weekly celebration of Texas culture, history, and people. After Miller retired, KPRC anchor Ron Stone, whose production company syndicates the series, took over as host.

Beginning in 2007, KPRC presented several "Best of" programs featuring memorable stories aired during the course of the original run, interspersed with recent pieces on various events and places in the style of the original series. As of 2009, new episodes have been airing periodically, hosted by current KPRC anchors Bill Balleza and Dominique Sachse.

Travel guides[edit]

These travel guides, all containing text by Miller and photographs by Gary James (and others), were published in Houston by Cordovan Corporation:

Second editions of the guides were published in the late 1980s by Lone Star Press.

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