The Face of Jizo

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Chichi to Kuraseba
(The Face of Jizo)
Written by Hisashi Inoue
Date premiered September 3, 1994
Original language Japanese
Chichi to Kuraseba
The Face of Jizo
Die Tage mit Vater
Mio Padre
Chichi to Kuraseba book cover.jpg
Chichi to Kuraseba (The Face of Jizo)
Author Hisashi Inoue
Original title Chichi to Kuraseba
Translator Roger Pulvers
Isolde Asai
Franco Gervasio, Ai Aoyama
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Shinchosha
Publication date
January 2001
Published in English
August 2004
Pages 126, 191
ISBN 978-4-10-116828-9
ISBN 978-4-9902115-0-9

The Face of Jizo (父と暮せば, Chichi to Kuraseba) is a Japanese play written by Hisashi Inoue.


  • It was performed by Komatsuza as their 34th Play, from September 3 to 18, 1994, directed by Hitoshi Uyama, starring by Masayo Umezawa and Kei Suma.[1] It has been performed frequently not only all over Japan but also overseas. Paris in 1997, Moscow in 2001, Hong Kong in 2004 and London in 2007.[2][3]
  • Now, the play is performed by Komatsuza and some theatrical companies.


The play Chichi to Kuraseba (Living with my Father) is published by Shinchosha in 2001.[4]

The play was transferred into three languages and published by Komatsuza.


The play is recorded for a CD with starring Tomoko Saito and Kei Masu, published by Shinchosha, on April 25, 2003.[6]


The play is adapted for a film Chichi to Kuraseba directed by Kazuo Kuroki, starring by Rie Miyazawa, Yoshio Harada and Tadanobu Asano, in 2004. It was filmed as the 3rd and concluding volume of Kazuo Kuroki's Trilogy works for War Requiem.

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