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The Fan can refer to:



Films and TV[edit]

  • The Fan (1949 film), starring Martita Hunt and directed by Otto Preminger
  • The Fan (1981 film), starring Lauren Bacall, Michael Biehn, Dwight Schultz and Hector Elizondo based on The Fan, a 1977 novel by author Bob Randall
  • Der Fan (1982), starring Désirée Nosbusch and Bodo Steiger
  • The Fan (1996 film), starring Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes, and directed by Tony Scott
  • La Fan, Mexican telenovela 2017
  • "The Fan", the fifth episode of the Tenacious D TV series
  • The Fan, a villain from anime Triangle Heart
  • The Fan, 2018 South Korean TV variety, SBS


  • The Fan, the on-air brand of sport radio stations in Canada owned by Rogers Communications, including CJCL (AM) in Toronto, Ontario and CFAC (AM) in Calgary, Alberta
  • The Fan, the on-air brand of sports radio stations in the United States owned by CBS Radio, most notably WFAN in New York City; the "Fan" branding is also used many radio stations under other owners throughout the United States

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