The Fatal Woman

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The Fatal Woman
Directed by Maurits Binger, Louis H. Chrispijn
Release date
6 April 1915
Country Netherlands
Language Silent

The Fatal Woman (Dutch: De Vloek van het Testament) is a 1915 Dutch silent drama film directed by Maurits Binger and Louis H. Chrispijn.

De vloek van het testament can be translated as The curse of the testimony; the film was a big Dutch movie at the time with 48 copies through Europe and 12 copies crossing to America. It was the last directed movie of Chrispijn; he wanted to get out of movies.

The storyline is about a testimony found in an old wooden desk and advocate couple van Dalen claiming the rights of it. After a big manhunt (everybody wants the testimony), it comes back to the finder and rightful owner.


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