The Feature

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The Feature
Directed by Michel Auder
Andrew Neel
Produced by Ethan Palmer
Written by Michel Auder
Luke Meyer
Andrew Neel
Starring Michel Auder
Edited by Luke Meyer
Release date
  • February 13, 2008 (2008-02-13) (Berlin International Film Festival)
Country United States

The Feature is a collaboration between filmmakers Michel Auder and Andrew Neel. Using a collection of videos that Auder had created over the previous 40 years, in combination with original present-day footage of Auder shot by Neel, the two filmmakers made a feature-length film loosely based on the story of Auder’s life.

Auder created a form of video diary, starting with his first Sony Portapak camera in 1969, documenting the people, places, and events in his life, which included marriages to Viva Superstar and Cindy Sherman, and a loose affiliation with the Warhol Factory. The film is shot in New York City, and islands in the South Pacific.

The Feature is not a biographical film. Although the narrative is linear, footage from various periods in Auder’s life is used throughout the film. The story is augmented with satirical sit-down interviews of Auder in the present day, and biographical information (both fictional and real) is integrated into the hyper-theatrical scenes shot by Neel.

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