The Final Game

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The Final Game
Directed bySigi Rothemund
Produced byTimo Berndt
Borris Brandt
Written bySven Burgemeister
StarringFrancis Fulton-Smith
Christoph Waltz
Thure Riefenstein
Music byDominic Roth
CinematographyDragan Rogulj
Edited byAndreas Herzog
TV-60 Filmproduktion
Pro 7
Die Nefzers
Nitro-Film Medienproduktion GmbH
Distributed byMedia Cooperation One (MC-One)
Release date
  • 9 June 1998 (1998-06-09)
Running time
93 minutes

The Final Game is a German thriller film directed by Sigi Rothemund,[1] it was written by Timo Berndt and Borris Brandt.[2]


70,000 football-fans stream into Berlin Olympic Stadium in order to see the final of the DFB-Pokal. The men of the security center pay no attention to what is happening. In front of them several armed terrorists attack the central, five hostages arrive in the hands of gangsters. Kant, the gang leader, orders his men to close and lock all exit doors, because the game ends in a few minutes. It comes under the stadium visitors to a mass panic. Security Chief Bender has no chance to stop Kant alone, in addition he paid Kant using an old account.


  • Francis Fulton-Smith as Tobias Bender
  • Christoph Waltz as Kant
  • Axel Milberg as Deutler
  • Nele Mueller-Stöfen as Jacky
  • Thure Riefenstein as Flamenco
  • Armin Rohde as Harry Andresen
  • Andreas Mannkopff
  • Marek Wlodarczyk
  • Veit Stübner
  • Michael Schiller
  • Ottokar Lehrner
  • Alexander Reed
  • Steffen Groth
  • Peer Martiny
  • Michael Ehnert as SEK-Chef Fischer
  • Igor Jeftic
  • Nina Rothemund
  • Frank Zimmermann as Polizist


Some of the scenes were shot on 1 March 1998 in the Bundesliga match Hertha BSC against Hansa Rostock.[3]


It premiered on 9 June 1998 as TV production on Pro 7 under the German title Das Finale.[4] In Hungary had a theatrical release on 12 April 2005.


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