The Forest of Peldain

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The Forest of Peldain
First edition
Author Barrington J. Bayley
Cover artist Ken W. Kelly
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher DAW Books
Publication date
August 1985
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 223
ISBN 0-88677-068-8
OCLC 12433450

The Forest of Peldain is the twelfth science fiction novel by Barrington J. Bayley. Set on the water world of the Hundred Islands, the Arelian empire attempts to seize control of the last island, Peldain, which within its dense forests contains an independent kingdom and an ancient secret.

Literary significance and reception[edit]

Rhys Hughes regarded Bayley as having "slackened off" after The Zen Gun, concluding that Vancean stylings of The Forest of Peldain were "not a substainable effort."[1]

Andy Robertson, reviewing the novel in Interzone, dismissed the book as "[a] fairly minor potboiler."[2]


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