The Fountain (magazine)

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The Fountain
Fountain 69.jpg
The Fountain May–June 2009
Editor-in-chief Hakan Yesilova
Categories Science journalism
Frequency Bimonthly
Publisher Blue Dome, Inc.
Total circulation
Year founded 1993
First issue January 1993
Country USA
Based in Clifton, New Jersey
Language English
ISSN 0967-9928

The Fountain is a bi-monthly magazine of scientific and spiritual thought published by The Light Inc. As the English-language version of Sızıntı, it has been published since 1993[1] as a quarterly magazine till 2008. The Fountain is located in New Jersey with offices in Istanbul, Moscow, Cairo, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. The magazine is controlled by the Gülen movement.[2]

The Fountain covers a wide range of topics including interfaith dialog, science, technology, arts, culture and society from a faith perspective (especially Islam).


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