The Fox (Forsyth novel)

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The Fox
AuthorFrederick Forsyth
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication date
October 2018
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)

The Fox is a novel by Frederick Forsyth published in 2018 by G.P. Putnam's Sons.[1] The story concerns an SIS Cyber opertion run by Spymaster Adrian Weston.


The British Prime Minister calls Sir Adrian Weston, former Deputy Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service, and asks him to handle a sensitive case. The computers of the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA have been hacked by a young British teenager, Luke Jennings, who was captured in an SAS raid in London. Weston, an ex-Parachute Regiment soldier-turned-MI6 officer,[2] devised a plan to take advantage of Jennings' skills in the cyberspace domain, in order to cripple using in programs Iran's nuclear program, Russia's intensification programs, and North Korea's nuclear program. Weston was assisted by Special Air Service Captain Harry Williams,[3] and Avigdor Hirsch, Mossad opertive and former Special Forces soldier.[4] Yevgeni Krilov, head of the SVR, recognizes Weston's fingerprints on the operation and tries to thwart the operation.


Reviews were good. The Washington Post called it "a classic thriller thats also eerily relevant".[5] The Times similarly stated that this book proves that "Forsyth deserves his place among the thriller greats".[6]


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