The Fruitties

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The Fruitties
Created by Antoni D'ocon
Written by Josep Viciana
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 56
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) D'Ocon Films Production
Original release November 1, 1987 – 1989

The Fruitties is an animated television series produced in Spain by D'Ocon Film Productions in 1987. It originally aired on Spanish television TVE. Originally, 91 episodes were created - each 10 minutes long - but the series was often repackaged as 56 25-minute episodes. The series was dubbed into many languages and, in 1991, an English-language version of the show made its debut on British television.


The show featured the adventures of anthropomorphic talking fruit in and around a forest island.

International broadcast[edit]

  • Ireland It was broadcast on RTÉ2 1989.
  • UK Cartoon Network during 1994–2002 known as The Fruitties.
  • Spain Known as both Los Fruittis (Other Releases) & Fruittis (TVE).
  • China officially imported the show in 1993 and distributed broadcast rights to various local TV channels, voice were dubbed and the songs within the episodes were kept in Spanish.


  • Roly (Sean Barrett) is a pineapple with a southern Spanish accent. He tends to brag and get the entire team in trouble. However, he is shown to be resourceful when he needs to be.
  • Pak (Daniel Flynn) is a knowledgeable banana and carries a backpack which contains an array of handy survival equipment for the team. He tends to bicker with Roly, due to Roly's laziness and bragging nature, yet he admires his sense of humor and his resourcefulness. He also has a rivalry with Monkus, the mad scientist monkey, who, unlike Pak, uses his scientific skills for evil.
  • Thorny (Peter Whitman) is a dim-witted cactus, speaking with a southern US accent. His prickly body saves the group from dangerous creatures on many occasions, although it is a pain in the neck to Roly.
  • Kumba (Stacey Gregg) is the only female and human in the group. She joins Roly, Pak and Thorny to guide them around the world. She sports a bikini made of leaves.
  • Monkus is the Fruitties' arch-nemesis. He is a mad scientist monkey who seeks to rule the world. Unfortunately, his plans are always thwarted by the Fruitties.
  • Boss (Sean Barrett) is an antagonistic wild boar who speaks with a Bronx-style accent and is determined to capture and eat the Fruitties.


The show is fondly remembered for its musical songs at both the opening and closing credits.[citation needed]

A downloadable CD had finally been released on iTunes during late 2014. It's missing all the major Instrumental tracks used in the show like the Monkey Dance Theme, but it does contain all the major vocal tracks from the series and it's issued in 2 languages, both Spanish and English on this URL:

Track List Spanish Album ITunes Release (Fruittis):

1) Intro de Los Fruittis

2) El Bosque de los Fruittis

3) Gazpacho el Campeón

4) Safari Fotográfico

5) El Pirata Alcachofo

6) Viva el Sol

7) Vaya Trio

8) Canción del Agua

9) Canción del Ahorro

10) Viva la Nieve

11) Viajando en Globo

12) Kumba

Track List UK Album ITunes Release (Fruitties):

1) The Fruitties Theme Song (Original Version)

2) The Fruitties' Forest (Original Version)

3) Roly, The Champion (Original Version)

4) Picture Taking (Original Version)

5) Artichoke, the Pirate (Original Version)

6) Tuttie Fruttie (Original Version)

7) Trio (Original Version)

8) Water (Original Version)

9) Saving (Original Version)

10) Live (Original Version)

11) Ballooning (Original Version)

12) Kumba (Original Version)


A DVD of the Spanish version was issued in 2006. A DVD of the English version has yet to be released.

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