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The Get Set is a Los Angeles, California rock/alt-pop band.


Formed in 2001, Los Angeles-based The Get Set features Rob Goraieb and Mark Powell who were previously in the popular rock band Kosmos Express.

The Get Set signed an exclusive recording contract with top independent record label Crank! A Record Company, whose roster also includes The Gloria Record, Mineral, The Icarus Line, and Neva Dinova.

The Get Set's critically acclaimed debut Down Marriott Lane! (released early 2002) featured the hit song "Best Friend (I Was About To Be)" and was produced by renowned producer/songwriter/musician Rob Laufer (who has worked with many artists, including Fiona Apple, Johnny Cash, Melissa Ferrick, Cheap Trick, and Frank Black).

The title of the album Down Marriott Lane! is an obvious play on the phrase: down memory lane. In The Get Set's case, the record was named after (and the cover photo is a nod to) Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane of the legendary mod band, Small Faces.

Tokyo-based Trident Style Records inked a deal in 2004 to release Down Marriott Lane! in Japan, where the band's sound would thrive.

The Get Set's success was due in part to their ability to combine mod, soul and pop/rock music with melodic songs and well-crafted lyrics.

Band members[edit]

  • Rob Goraieb: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter
  • Mark Powell: Drumset, Background Vocals
  • Chris Diede: Wurlitzer/Piano, Background Vocals
  • Gerry Valvona: Bass

Former Band Members[edit]

  • Mark Eastwood: Bass


  • Down Marriott Lane! (U.S. release 2002)
  • Down Marriott Lane! (Japanese release with bonus tracks 2004)


  • You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train: Songs For Election Day (Label: Selector Series 2008 feat. Bono with the Soweto Gospel Choir and Dave Stewart - Track 7: The Get Set's "Make It Happen")

T.V. Shows/Soundtracks[edit]

The Get Set were featured in the hit T.V. show DVD Roswell (WB/UPN):

"Big Nothing" was in Season One: Episode 1.15 Independence Day. Scene: At Crashdown, Isabel, Liz and Maria talk about Michael; Max comes and tells them Valenti's got him.

"I Feel Free" was in Season One: Episode 1.20 Max to the Max. Scene: In Crashdown kitchen, Maria overhears Michael and Isabel talking about baby.

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