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Founded in 1976 by John Glines, Barry Laine and Jerry Tobin, The Glines is an American not-for-profit organization based in New York City, New York, devoted to creating and presenting gay art to develop positive self-images and dispel negative stereotyping.



Other notable successes produced by The Glines include:

A benefit in 1982 was given by The Glines was at The Town Hall, a performance space in New York City, consisting of three one-act plays: The Quintessential Image by Jane Chambers (with Peg Murray in the title role), Forget Him by Harvey Fierstein (with Harvey Fierstein, Estelle Getty and Court Miller), and A Loss of Memory by Arthur Laurents (with Richard DeFabees, who played Arnold in matinée performances of Torch Song Trilogy).[18]

The Glines broke into television in 1986 with its acclaimed production of Hero of My Own Life, a documentary on the life of a person living with AIDS.[19]


Among the many artists who have appeared (or whose work has appeared) with The Glines are:


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