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For the album of the same name by the same band, see The Golden Republic (album).

The Golden Republic was an American rock band, originally formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 1999 under the name People by founding members Ben Grimes and Ryan Shank.

In 2003, The Golden Republic signed with Astralwerks Records, releasing one album and one EP through the label.

The band split up in December 2006 and Kenn Jankowski went on to form The Republic Tigers.


  • Harry Anderson (bass)
  • Ben Grimes (guitar, lead vocals)
  • Kenn Jankowski (guitar, keyboards)
  • Ryan Shank (drums)



  • People, released September 21, 2004



  • Their final single "Hemel Dalingen" was included on the compilation First Blood on OxBlood Records in 2008.

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