The Grizzly and the Treasure

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The Grizzly and the Treasure
Directed by James T. Flocker
Starring Susan Backlinie
Scott Beach
Andre Gordon
Robert Sheble
Music by William Loose
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
88 minutes
Language English

The Grizzly and the Treasure is a 1975 film. It is narrated by an elderly man (Scott Beach) with the accent of an old woodsman or prospector of 19th century gold rushes, much in the same style as early Disney nature specials. The movie was obviously influenced by the television show popular at the time, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.[citation needed]


Set in 1898, the movie follows Ezra Lambert and his family as they travel from Sacramento to the Yukon gold country in search of riches. Problems arise when Ezra is injured by a grizzly bear, forcing his young son to set out in search of help.

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