The Half-Gallon Quarter-Acre Pavlova Paradise

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The Half-Gallon Quarter-Acre Pavlova Paradise
The Half Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova Paradise cover.jpg
AuthorAustin Mitchell
CountryNew Zealand
PublisherWhitcombe and Tombs
Publication date
LC ClassDU427 .M53

The Half-Gallon Quarter-Acre Pavlova Paradise[1] was a popular book by Austin Mitchell, published by Whitcombe and Tombs (Christchurch, 1972), with illustrations by Les Gibbard. It provided a witty, satirical description of life in 1960s New Zealand,[2] and Kiwi culture.

Described as "a celebrated vision of New Zealand as heaven on earth",[3] the book was a great success in New Zealand. The phrase "Half-Gallon Quarter-Acre Pavlova Paradise" soon became part of the New Zealand vernacular, with the term "quarter-acre pavlova paradise" being included in the Dictionary of New Zealand English.[4] Mitchell revisited New Zealand 30 years after writing his original volume, and motivated by the social changes he observed, he penned a sequel entitled Pavlova Paradise Revisited.[5]


  • "Half Gallon", popularly called the "Half G", was the standard size of a flagon of beer then sold in New Zealand pubs
  • "Quarter Acre" referred to the ubiquitous suburban section of land on which most Kiwis built their homes
  • "Pavlova", a popular New Zealand dessert

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