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The Heebee-jeebees performing at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta on November 17, 2007

The Heebee-jeebees are a Canadian a cappella quartet formed in 1993 in Calgary, Canada. The Heebee-jeebees have released 8 recordings, all to international recognition including 4 CARA nominations and 2 CARA Awards. They have won the Canadian A Cappella Northern Harmony Championships twice, and have been named the inaugural inductee into the Northern Harmony Hall of Fame. The group often incorporates comedy and audience interaction into their performances.

Currently the band's lineup is Jonathan Love (tenor), Chris Herard (tenor), Ken Lima-Coelho (tenor), and Cédric Blary (bass).

Surgical Strike
Surgical strike 600x600 72dpi.jpg
Studio album by The Heebee-jeebees
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre A Cappella
Label Guy Records
Producer Chris Herard
The Heebee-jeebees chronology
Xmas Nuts Surgical Strike


Albums are all independent releases on the Heebee-jeebees' own label "Guy Records".

  • Hurry Up and Wait (1995)
  • Waiting Under the Mistletoe (1997)
  • Heebee-jeebee TV (2000)
  • FALALALALA! (2001)
  • Xmas Nuts (2004)
  • Surgical Strike (2006)
  • Christmas Crackers (2007)
  • Swamp Mix! (2010)


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