The Homes of Donegal

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"The Homes of Donegal" is an Irish ballad written by songwriter Seán McBride in 1955. It has been performed by many singers, most famously by Paul Brady.[1]

McBride was a native of Cruit Island which is in The Rosses area of north-west County Donegal. He was a school Teacher at St.Baithin's school in the Carrigans/St.Johnston area (East Donegal) for most of his life. He died at the age of 90 in August 1996 and is buried on his native Cruit Island.[2]

Seán only wrote the lyrics, the actual air itself may be 150 or more years old, there are many songs around using the same melody, the closest one is a song called "The Faughan Side", This song was part of the Curriculum in national schools in East Donegal and, as Seán was a Teacher in the "Laggan Valley" (East Donegal), it seems prudent to many people to assume he got his inspiration for the "Homes of Donegal" from "The Faughan Side".


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