The Ilikai

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The Ilikai
Ilikai 2005-03-21.jpg
General information
Location Honolulu, Hawai'i
Coordinates 21°17′04″N 157°50′18″W / 21.28444°N 157.83833°W / 21.28444; -157.83833Coordinates: 21°17′04″N 157°50′18″W / 21.28444°N 157.83833°W / 21.28444; -157.83833
Opening 29 February 1964
Technical details
Floor count 26
Design and construction
Architect John Graham, Jr.
Other information
Number of rooms 343 Hotel
80 Time share
586 Condominium

The Ilikai is a landmark oceanfront high rise hotel and condominium at the western end of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawai'i. When it opened in 1964, the Ilikai was the first luxury high rise hotel in Hawai'i.[1]

The Ilikai is also well known, outside of Honolulu travelers and residents, for appearing prominently in the opening credits of the long running TV series Hawaii Five-O. The show's star, Jack Lord, is standing on the Ilikai penthouse balcony as the camera dramatically zooms in on him. This same sequence is used in the opening credits of the 2010 remake, with Alex O'Loughlin replacing Lord.


The Ilikai was the idea of Chinn Ho, a self made millionaire. The building was designed by John Graham, Jr., who also designed the Seattle Space Needle. The original building features three wings radiating from a central point in a "Y" shape. Another unique architectural feature is the external glass elevator, which runs express to the top floor. A shorter single wing building was added later, across the open air lobby and pool.

In 1974 Chinn Ho sold the property to hotel chain Westin Hotel Company.[1] In 1987, Westin sold the property and it was renamed The Ilikai Waikiki and in 2000 reflagged to Marriott's Renaissance line.[2]

In 2006, the hotel portion was purchased by Brian Anderson and Anekona Development Group.[3] In 2009, the hotel, which was facing foreclosure, was acquired by New York-based iStar Financial. They own the 203 units that make up the hotel portion of the Ilikai. Honolulu-based Aqua Hotels and Resorts is currently running the property.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan (1968) are some of the many celebrities that have stayed in the Ilikai Hotel.[citation needed]


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