The Image (1969 film)

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The Image
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Directed by Michael Armstrong
Produced by Olive Negus-Fancey
Written by Michael Armstrong
Starring David Bowie
Michael Byrne
Music by Noel Janus
Cinematography Ousama Rawi
Edited by Julian Hindson
Distributed by Border Film Productions
Release date
Running time
14 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Image is a 1969 black and white short film directed by Michael Armstrong with starring Michael Byrne and David Bowie in his first film role. The film is one of the few short films ever to receive a certified 'X' Rating and it gained this rating due to its violent content.


A troubled artist (Michael Byrne) is haunted by a ghostly young man (David Bowie) who appears to step right out of one of the artist's paintings. From a brief summary located on the cover of the film's script, it reads: a study of the illusionary reality world within the schizophrenic mind of the artist at his point of creativity.[1]



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