The Imposter (2008 film)

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The Imposter
Directed by Daniel Millican
Produced by Jeff Rodgers
Written by Daniel Millican
Music by Josh Goode
Cinematography Ron Gonzalez
Edited by Daniel Millican
Serendipitous Films
Distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment
Release date
October 12, 2008
Running time
120 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1 million

The Imposter is a 2008 Christian film that was shot in January and February 2008 in and around Burleson, Texas. The movie stars Kevin Max, Kerry Livgren, and Jeff Deyo and is produced by Jeff Rodgers and Daniel Millican, also the writer and director.


The Imposter deals with the lifestyle and subsequent breakdown of a Christian rock singer. Kevin Max stars as Johnny C, a talented singer who is addicted to oxycodone. After his wife and child leave him, Johnny is fired from the band by leader James, played by Jeff Deyo. Johnny tries to make it on his own but gets swindled by a sleazy record producer and beat up by his drug suppliers. Finally out of options, Johnny travels home to see if his family will take him back.



The film is a contemporary take on the Prodigal Son story from the New Testament. It is Millican's fourth feature film. He wrote the script during the summer of 2007 and began to cast in the fall of the same year. Producer Troy Baker was a friend of Kevin Max, formerly of dcTalk, and recommended him to Millican. In addition, Millican, Baker and Producer Jeff Rodgers approached Kerry Livgren and Jeff Deyo to round out the principles.

Veteran Hollywood actor Tom Wright has been in every one of Millican's films. Millican relied heavily on Director of Photography Ron Gonzalez for the look, locations and production value.


The movie is released by Pure Flix Entertainment. The DVD's street date is February 23, 2010.[1]


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