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The Intercept [1] (Russian: Перехват, translit. Perehvat, loose direct translation is "to nab"[2]) was a popular 1997 Russian TV show, the concept of which was for the contestant to "steal" (actually, be given the keys to) a car and avoid the police for 35 minutes. If the contestant successfully avoided the police, he won the car. The car chase was done in the real Moscow streets, and had to obey traffic laws.[2] At its peak, the show had 60 million viewers per episode.[1]

The show was created with the cooperation of the Russian police, and the police chasing the "thief" were real officers. With the odds being tilted against the "thieves", the show had the aim of discouraging car thieves. The show failed to lower the sky-high car theft rates, and was therefore cancelled.[1]


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