The Jade Faced Assassin

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The Jade Faced Assassin
The Jade Faced Assassin.jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional 玉面俠
Simplified  玉面侠
Mandarin Yǜ Miàn Xiá
Directed by Yan Jun
Produced by Run Run Shaw
Written by Wong Fung
Based on Juedai Shuangjiao
by Gu Long
Starring Lily Ho
Kao Yuen
Music by Frankie Chan
Cinematography Wong Kim-hon
Edited by Chiang Hsing-lung
Release date
  • 9 April 1971 (1971-04-09)
Running time
105 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

The Jade Faced Assassin is a 1971 Hong Kong film adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao. The film was directed by Yan Jun, produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, and starred Lily Ho and Kao Yuen as the lead characters.


The swordsman Zhang Zhen is injured in a misadventure and rescued by Eldest Sister of Changchun Sect, who has a crush on him. However, Zhang falls in love with the maid Yuenu instead, and conceives twins with her. The couple are killed by a group of evil pugilists later. The Eldest Sister is angry with Zhang Zhen for not accepting her and plans to make Zhang's children kill each other as revenge. The baby girl (Xiaolu'er) is saved by Zhang's friend, Lian Lanyan, while the male infant (Hua Yuchun) is taken away by the Eldest Sister. Lian Lanyan encounters the Ten Villains when he passes through Villains' Valley. He is overwhelmed by them and knocked out in a fight. The baby Xiaolu'er is taken away by the Villains, who surprisingly do not harm her, and instead intend to groom her to become the greatest villain ever. Eighteen years later, the twins meet each other by coincidence.


  • Lily Ho as Xiaolu'er (Xiaoyu'er)
  • Kao Yuen as Hua Yuchun (Hua Wuque)
  • Ku Feng as Lian Lanyan (Yan Nantian)
  • Fan Mei-sheng as Yuchi Zhou Guang
  • Cheung Poi-san as Zhang Zhen (Jiang Feng)
  • Angela Pan as Xie Xinchan
  • Irene Chen as Yuenu
  • Lin Chia as Eldest Sister (Yaoyue)
  • Chai No as Black Face
  • Yan Jun as Lan Cunxiu
  • Law Hon as Smiling Sword Master
  • Hoh Ban as Master Chin
  • Shum Lo as Heaven Full of Stars Master
  • Tong Tin-hei
  • Liu Wai
  • Wong Ching-ho
  • Tsang Chor-lam
  • Yee Kwan
  • Chui Chung-hok
  • Hsu Hsia
  • Suen Lam
  • Tam Bo
  • Nam Wai-lit
  • Chin Chun
  • Hao Li-jen
  • Chu Gam
  • Lau Kar-wing
  • Yuen Cheung-yan
  • Wong Chung
  • Wong Ching
  • Wang Dan
  • Kwan Yan
  • Man Lei
  • Ho Bo-sing
  • Chan Siu-gai
  • Kwok Chuk-hing

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