The Jester's Supper (film)

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The Jester's Supper
Clara Calamai in the film
Directed by Alessandro Blasetti
Produced by Giuseppe Amato
Written by Sem Benelli (play)
Renato Castellani
Alessandro Blasetti
Starring Amedeo Nazzari
Osvaldo Valenti
Clara Calamai
Alfredo Varelli
Music by Giuseppe Becce
Cinematography Mario Craveri
Edited by Mario Serandrei
Distributed by ENIC
Release dates
9 February 1942
Running time
87 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

The Jester's Supper (Italian:La cena delle beffe) is a 1942 Italian historical film directed by Alessandro Blasetti and starring Amedeo Nazzari, Osvaldo Valenti and Clara Calamai.[1] It was based on a play of the same title by Sem Benelli, which had later been turned into an opera by Umberto Giordano. Like the play, the film is set in the 15th century Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent and portrays a rivalry that leads to a series of increasingly violent jokes.

Production and reception[edit]

It was shot at Cinecittà in Rome partly using sets which had been constructed for Blasetti's earlier The Iron Crown which was set in the same era. Amadeo Nazzari, the leading Italian star of the decade, was cast strongly against type. Usually Nazzari played romantic heroes or action men, but in the film he plays a loutish character and appeared without his trademark moustache.[2] A popular catchphrase associated with Nazzari originated in the film "a plague on anyone who refuses to drink with me!"[3]

The film was extremely popular and boosted the career of Clara Calamai in particular. In one scene she has her dress ripped off by Nazzari, briefly exposing her breasts in one of the first topless scenes in Italian cinema.[4] It was one of several films in which Osvaldo Valenti and Luisa Ferida, later extecuted in 1945, appeared together.



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