The Judy's

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The Judy's
Origin Pearland, Texas, United States
Genres Power pop, punk rock, new wave
Years active 1979–1992
Labels Trix Music (1979-1990); Machintosh Music (1990-1992); Wasted Talent Records (2007);
Members David B. Bean
Dane Cessac
Jeff Walton

The Judy's were a Pearland, Texas-based punk and new wave band from the late 1970s and early 1980s. The song for which they are most likely best-remembered, "Guyana Punch", recounted the infamous Jonestown massacre. Several of their songs were topical: "Dogs" refers to the Son of Sam murderer; "Radiation Squirm" refers to the Three Mile Island accident; "How's Gary" refers to the execution of convicted killer Gary Gilmore; and "Vacation in Tehran" refers to the Iranian hostage crisis, among others. On December 1, 2007, The Judy's announced the opening of their own label and website, Wasted Talent Records. On this website, the albums Moo and Washarama were released on CD and vinyl, having been previously available only on vinyl and cassette tape.

In their heyday, the band was composed of David B. Bean (songwriter, vocals, guitars, keyboards), Dane Cessac (drums, vocals) and Jeff Walton (bass, vocals).


Year Title Label Notes
1980 Teenage Hang-ups (EP) (Self-released) With original guitarist Sam Roush
1980 Wonderful World of Appliances (EP) (Self-released) All tracks available on Washarama CD
1981/re-released 2007 on CD Washarama (LP) Trix Music, Wasted Talent Records (2007)
1985/re-released 2007 on CD Moo (LP) Trix Music, Wasted Talent Records (2007)
1990 "Girl of a Thousand Smells" (single) Trix Music 7" single with one side in English the other in Russian
1990/re-released 2007 on CD Land of Plenty (LP) Trix Music, Wasted Talent Records (2007) New lineup

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