The Justice Trilogy

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The Justice Trilogy, also called the Justice Cycle, was a series of young-adult science-fiction books written by Virginia Hamilton.[1] Considered philosophically significant by critics within the field of young adult literature,[2] the series is also notable as one of the first young-adult science fiction novels by a significant African American author.[3]

The series consists of three books: [4][5]

  • Justice and Her Brothers (1978). A young African-American girl finds her idyllic rural summer disturbed by the discovery that both she and her somewhat sinister twin brothers have powerful psychic powers.[6]
  • Dustland (1980). The siblings from the first volume, together with a friend, time travel into a strange post-apocalyptic future.[7]
  • The Gathering (1981). Justice and her brothers must overcome their sibling rivalries in order to defeat a malevolent entity from the future.[8]


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