The Lampies

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The Lampies
Genre Entertainment
Created by Dave Bonner
Written by David Bonner, Jimmy Hibbert
Directed by Dean Roberts, Mark Marren
Voices of Jimmy Hibbert
Eve Karpf
Rob Rackstraw
Susan Sheridan
Theme music composer Mcasso
Composer(s) Mcasso
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Theresa Plummer-Andrews, James Coldwell
Producer(s) Morgan Francis
Editor(s) Mark Edwards, Rory Timoney
Running time 11 minutes
Original network CBBC

The Lampies is an English children's animated television series created by David Bonner and features a mix of 2D and 3D animation.

Created by David Bonner in conjunction with Uli Meyer Animation Studios and music by Mcasso Music, there are 52 eleven-minute episodes that were originally commissioned by the BBC.[citation needed] Financial issues caused the creative and business drive to falter and momentum was lost.[citation needed] In 2003 The Lampies IP was bought from the receiver by a private investor.[citation needed]


A group of sprite-like power engineers maintain and defend the lamp post HO32 which is the critical area of the entire Lighting Network. The Roons who live in the sewers below are the creatures who threaten the Lighting Network due to their strong dislike to the presence of light. Sewer rats can also prove to be a pest to the Lampies.


The Lampies Crew[edit]

  • Burnout - The laid back Foreman of the Lampies who has to run scheduled switches for the lamp light.
  • Matronly Spotlight - The routine inspector of the Lampies.
  • Charge - The clumsy, day-dreaming assistant worker of the Lampies.
  • Contact - The serious and sensible computer operator of the Lampies.
  • Livewire - The cute and feisty young girl of the Lampies, who looks after Dustywugg and is Contact's niece.
  • Dustywugg - A furry dog-like sprite who serves as the Lampies pet and mascot.
  • Captain Bright Light - The absent-minded captain of the Lampies.


  • Brigadier Big Beam - The superior organiser of the Lighting Network.
  • Phosphorous - The Brigadier's officer liaison and Charge's love interest.
  • Captain Spentflint - Formerly the Lampies' captain and now retired. Criticised as a slave driver.
  • Spark - The keeper of a bike light. People like him are called Bikeys.


Series 1[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
1 Captain Who The Roons invade HO32 but the newly recruited Captain Bright Light repels them.
2 Dustywugg: Space Marine With the HO32 crew captured by the Roons, Dustywugg inspired by Captain Spectrum, goes superhero.
3 Walkabout Charge runs off from HO32, Dustywugg following him. They both get lost in the sewers, but Dustywugg finds their way back.
4 The Inspection The HO32 crew to try to clean for the Brigadier's inspection, when an alien called Jeff arrives with just what they need.
5 Flash By Name Captain Bright Light dreads a visit from his brother Flash Light. Flash Light is however not what he first appears to be.
6 Dustywuppy Livewire adopts a Dustywuppy who turns out to be extremely messy. Eventually he is returned to his rightful owners.
7 Birds Nest Oops As Charge tries to fix a malfunction in HO32, a pigeon mistakes him for her baby. The lampies solve this and fix HO32.
8 Bit of a Jam Fed up with being pushed around, Livewire runs away and manages to thwart a Roon plot to short circuit HO32.
9 Bikey A Bikey called Spark visits the Lampies and later that night Livewire pays him an exchange visit.
10 Thunder and Frightening The Lampies are missing a Denby Attecorn to prevent the worst during a thunderstorm. Contact manages to get one in time to save HO32.
11 Bouncer On a visit to Burnout's cousin Haywire, Charge rescues a trapped Bouncer, who in turn saves him from a cat.
12 Boris A Pipistrelle Bat named Boris rests in the lamp. As the Roons make a daytime attack, Boris scares them away.
13 Decoy The Roons kidnap Brigadier Big Beam. Using a diversion and the Roons' decoy, the Lampies rescue Big Beam.
14 Dick Static
15 Too Many Cooks Burnout builds a cooking robot to help Spotlight, but the robot hardly improves cooking for the Lampies.
16 Striplight When the lamp falls upon hard times, Captain Bright Light must explore alternate means of fundraising.
17 Tooth of the Matter
18 Chief Beef
19 Roadworks
20 Pinspot
21 Who Dares Whines
22 Dark and Stormy Night Separated from her friends, Livewire undergoes a mission to aid Sector 13, which ends successfully.
23 Cyber Lampy
24 Return of Geoff
25 And That's Magic
26 Shipmate Charge

Series 2[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
1 Neon
2 Save By the Bikey
3 The Boy Who Could See Lampies PJ, a boy who can see Lampies gets friendly with Spark, Livewire and Dustywugg.
4 Space Walk
5 Boogie Lights
6 Pump it up
7 Charge's Sausage Mole
8 Sacked
9 Roon Goo Attack
10 HO32 Squadron Spark drives a remote controlled airplane to rescue Dustywugg, causing chaos in a hardware store.
11 Bike Gone
12 Moth Magic
13 Football Roonigans
14 Lampies Unplugged
15 An Open and Shut Case
16 The Haunted Lamp Charge's past sins catch up with him as he learns that you can't run from your mistakes... or bury them.
17 Lights on Legs
18 House Call
19 The Vacation
20 Watching Over Lois
21 Red Light at Night The Roons topple the HO32 lamp post. The Lampies try to find an exit before the lamp is crushed at the dump.
22 The Goon Roon
23 All That Glitters
24 A Day at the Movies
25 Roon Alert With a nationwide blackout in progress, the crew of HO32 must make it through 48 hours of total Roon Apocalypse alive.
26 Bright Light in Love


The Lampies theme tune was one of the most popular on CBBC, and helped the show gain popularity.[citation needed] It won first place in an International Songwriting Competition in 2006. Written by Mike Connaris of London-based Mcasso Music, the Lampies Title song won the Children's category against huge International competition.[citation needed] The judges included Tom Waits, Chris Hillman, John Mayall and Jerry Lee Lewis.[citation needed] The Lampies released a Christmas single called "Light Up the World for Christmas" in 2001.[citation needed] There is an extended version of the song, which is over two minutes.[citation needed]


TV distribution rights for Series One were sold into 33 countries."International Songwriting Competition Results". 2006.  When series one was broadcast in 2001 it regularly achieved over 40% of target viewing audience. This figure reached over 50% during 2002.[citation needed] Series two of The Lampies was completed in March 2002 and generated similar audience figures with prime slots on BBC 1 and 2.[citation needed]


HIT Entertainment had released a single UK only VHS release of the programme entitled "Captain Who and other stories" in 2001. An introductory DVD - SWITCH ON TO THE LAMPIES was launched on 7 April 2008.[citation needed] The first full DVD, Disc 1 Series One - A BIT OF A JAM AND OTHER STORIES was launched on 19 May 2008.[citation needed] LP Productions formed a partnership with Save the Children in 2008.[citation needed] £2 from the sale of each SWITCH ON TO THE LAMPIES DVD will go towards the Save the Children protection work with very vulnerable children in Mongolia.[citation needed]


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