The Last Defender of Camelot (2002 book)

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The Last Defender of Camelot
Last defender of camelot 2002.jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author Roger Zelazny
Cover artist Scott Grimando
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction and Fantasy short stories
Publisher Ibooks, Inc
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 416 pp
ISBN 0-7434-3510-9
OCLC 48883249

The Last Defender of Camelot is a collection of short stories written by science fiction writer Roger Zelazny. It was published by Ibooks, Inc in 2002 and has an identical title to an earlier collection.


  • "Introduction" by Robert Silverberg
  • "Comes Now the Power"
  • "For a Breath I Tarry"
  • "Engine at Heartspring's Center"
  • "Halfjack"
  • "Home is the Hangman"
  • "Permafrost"
  • "LOKI 7281"
  • "Mana from Heaven"
  • "24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai"
  • "Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love"
  • "The Last Defender of Camelot"