The Legend of Yang Guifei

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The Legend of Yang Guifei
The Legend of Yang Guifei.jpg
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Also known as 'The Secret History of Concubine Yang'
Genre Historical fiction, costume drama
Written by Zhang Jianwei
Directed by You Xiaogang
Starring Yin Tao
Anthony Wong
Wang Luoyong
Shi Xiaoqun
He Saifei
Michelle Ye
Li Chengxuan
Elvis Tsui
Tse Kwan-ho
Jin Qiaoqiao
Wan Ni'en
Opening theme Wo Haishi Wo (我还是我) performed by Yin Tao
Ending theme Shiguang Daoliu (时光倒流) performed by Shi Xiaoqun
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 49
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 1. Beijing Jingdu Century Cultural Development
2. Beijing Zhongbei Television Art Center
Original network Hunan Satellite TV
Original release 27 April – 23 May 2010
The Legend of Yang Guifei
Traditional Chinese 楊貴妃秘史
Simplified Chinese 杨贵妃秘史
Literal meaning Secret history of Yang Guifei

The Legend of Yang Guifei, also known as The Secret History of Concubine Yang, is a Chinese television series loosely based on the romance between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty and his consort Yang Yuhuan. The series was directed by You Xiaogang and starred Yin Tao and Anthony Wong as the couple. It was first broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV from April to May 2010.


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