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The Linkup
The Linkup
TheLinkup-com.png Main Interface
Developer(s) Streamload
Operating system Any (Web-based application)
Type Web productivity tools
License Proprietary

The Linkup (formerly MediaMax), a spin-off from Streamload (now Nirvanix), was a "social network for file sharing" and a service that let users send, receive, and store large amounts of data via the web.[1] It was one of the first Internet based storage services (winning numerous awards) and is now one of the largest failures resulting in user data loss.[2][3]


On June 15, 2007 a system administrator's script accidentally misidentified and deleted "good data" along with the "dead data" of some 3.5 million former user accounts and files. It took until October 2007 to complete a partial restore of the data (much of it being irretrievably lost).[4]

The Linkup finally experienced a "meltdown" on July 10, 2008 which left about 20,000 paying subscribers without their digital music, video, and photo files from August 8, 2008.[4] In the site's place is a message saying We're sorry, but MediaMax and The Linkup are now closed. with an affiliate link to competitor

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  • Nirvanix (formerly Streamload) is the company from which The Linkup was spun off and which hosted the data
  • Savvis is the company responsible for the application and database.


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