The Lions of Lucerne

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The Lions of Lucerne
Author Brad Thor
Language English
Genre spy novel
Publisher Atria Books
Publication date
January 2002
Media type Hardcover, Paperback
Pages 432 (Hardcover)
544 (Paperback)
ISBN 0-7434-3674-1
OCLC 50550991
Followed by Path of the Assassin

The Lions of Lucerne is a spy novel published in 2002 and written by American novelist Brad Thor.


The work is Brad Thor's first novel with the character of Scot Harvath, an ex-Navy SEAL and current U.S. Secret Service agent. Harvath survives an attack which leaves 30 of his fellow agents dead and the president of the United States kidnapped. He begins a search for those responsible and attempts to rescue the president.[1]


Reviews for the book were mixed. Publishing industry trade magazines were generally negative. Publishers Weekly wrote "it's hard to get past the novel's many graceless shortcomings, cliched language [...], cartoonish scenes and a protagonist whose superhero character desperately needs fleshing out."[2] A reviewer for Kirkus Reviews called Thor's prose "tangled" at times.[1][3]

Other media, notably regional titles, were more positive. The Anniston Star wrote that Thor had recreated "a genre that has been firmly in the grasp of Tom Clancy for so long is not an easy feat. Fortunately for military intrigue devotees, Brad Thor has done just that — and on his first time out too." The Tacoma Reporter wrote "this book is one of the best entries into the military thriller genre since the early works of Tom Clancy" and that Harvath "will definitely take a place beside Cussler's Dirk Pitt and Clancy's Jack Ryan."


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