The Little Cafe (1931 film)

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The Little Cafe
Directed by Ludwig Berger
Produced by Ludwig Berger
Written by Tristan Bernard (play)
Jacques Bataille-Henri
Vincent Lawrence
Starring Maurice Chevalier
Yvonne Vallée
Tania Fédor
André Berley
Music by Newell Chase
Cinematography Henry W. Gerrard
Edited by Merrill G. White
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
May 8, 1931 (French premiere)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language French

The Little Cafe (French:Le petit café) is a 1931 French-language American Pre-Code musical film directed by Ludwig Berger and starring Maurice Chevalier, Yvonne Vallée and Tania Fédor. The film is a foreign-language version of the 1930 film Playboy of Paris, which was based on the play The Little Cafe by Tristan Bernard. Multiple-language versions were common in the years following the introduction of sound film, before the practice of dubbing became widespread.

The film received a better reception from critics than the English-language version had.[1]


Albert Loriflan, a waiter in a Paris cafe, unexpectedly inherits a large sum of money from a wealthy relative. His unscrupulous boss, Philibert, refuses to release him from his long-term contract in the hope that Albert will buy him off with a large payment. But Albert refuses, and continues to work at the cafe even though he is now very rich. Before long he falls in love with Philibert's daughter Yvonne.



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