The Lookie Loos

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The Lookie Loos
Background information
Origin Hamilton, New Zealand
Genres Pop
Years active 2005– present
Labels The Lookie Loos
Website Official website
Members Tim Steers
Alex Mustard
Daniel Reese
William Page

The Lookie Loos are a New Zealand rock band formed in 2005 at the Waikato Institute of Technology in Hamilton.

The two founding members of Tim Steers (Guitar and Vox) and Alex Mustard (Bass) met whilst studying. Steers moved from the U.K to study music in New Zealand and Mustard made the long journey from Waihi to study sport.[1]

The first full line up of the Lookie Loos saw the addition of an American drummer by the name of Joe Gruber, the three-piece then began playing live in Auckland and Hamilton in as many venues as they could find. After recording some demos and playing live for six months the three-piece were due to release an e.p towards the end of 2006 but were hampered by the news that their drummer had to return to the U.S delaying the release.[2]

At the start of 2007, the band continued to work on the E.P whilst trying to find new members of the band. The addition of two new members to the band Daniel Reese(lead guitar) and William Page (drums) made the outfit a four-piece. After some time working on the sound of the band and re-arranging the songs to fit the new line up the band began playing live once again. The band continued touring, playing with bands such as The Coshercot Honeys, Fighting the Shakes and The Veils.[3]

The band was now moving ahead with increased vigour and purpose. However, once again unforeseen events hampered the band once more. In a tragic accident Alex Mustard, the band's bass player suffered a horrific injury to his left hand that meant he might be unable to play bass ever again. The band stopped all shows once again to give Mustard a chance to rehabilitate.

After a short hiatus, Mustard returned and the band continued to play as many shows as they could to heighten their profile within NZ whilst finishing their own E.P.

The Lookie Loos wrote, recorded and engineered their debut E.P, Timing Is Everything over a 3-month period at the Waikato Institute of Technology. They have since gone on to play at The Big Day Out in 2008 and have become known for their British influenced pop rock.[4]


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