The Lost Barkscrolls

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The Lost Barkscrolls
Author Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell
Illustrator Chris Riddell
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Edge Chronicles
Genre Children's, Fantasy
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
6 September 2007
Pages 352 pp
ISBN 978-0-385-61168-8
OCLC 137313056
Preceded by Freeglader
Followed by The Immortals

The Lost Barkscrolls is a children's fantasy short story anthology by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, first published in 2007. It is the tenth volume of The Edge Chronicles and contains four stories set in that world, including Cloud Wolf and The Stone Pilot which were previously published as World Book Day novellas in 2001 and 2006 respectively.

Plot summaries[edit]

Cloud Wolf[edit]

A story set in the time of Quint. Following a sky-battle between the Galerider, Wind Jackal's ship, and the Great Sky Whale, a formidable slave ship, Quint is given his sky pirate name, but swears never to say it or use it until he commands his own sky-ship.

The Stone Pilot[edit]

A story told in the first person by Maugin, a termagant trog and future Stone Pilot to the Galerider, Stormchaser, Windcutter and Edgedancer. On the day before she was meant to turn termagant, Maugin releases her pet prowlgrin,out into the Deepwoods. While she is doing this, she is caught by slavers. At the slave market, Maugin was sold to a leaguesman, but rescued by Quint shortly after and discovers her passion for tending flight-rocks. Many years later, Maugin is waiting at Riverrise for her love Twig to return, all alone with the sadness of never having turned termagant.

The Slaughterer's Quest[edit]

This is the story of Keris (Twig's daughter and Rook's mother), who journeys from her slaughterer village to the Great Lakes of the webfoot goblins to discover if her father is still alive. Here she meets an enormous clam who tells her to travel to the Free Glades, where, in a caterbird cocoon, Keris finds out the truth.

The Blooding of Rufus Filatine[edit]

This is the story of Rufus Filatine, Xanth's son, who is a Freeglade Lancer cadet. Rufus wears a plain green collar instead of a checkered one and wishes to become a true Freeglade Lancer. The discovery of the Foundry Glades being reused spurs this, as Rufus longs to be a colonel in the third roost, commanded by Rook Barkwater.


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