The Lost World of Communism

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The Lost World of Communism
Produced byPeter Molloy
Lucy Hetherington
Distributed byBBC
Release date
14 March 2009
Running time
60 min (3 parts)
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Lost World of Communism is a three-part British documentary series which examines the legacy of communism twenty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall. Produced by Peter Molloy and Lucy Hetherington, the series takes a retrospective look at life behind the Iron Curtain between 1945 and 1989, focusing on three countries in the Eastern Bloc - East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Through film and television footage and the personal recollections of those who lived in these countries, the series offers a glimpse of what daily life was like during the years of Communist rule.[1]

The Lost World of Communism debuted on BBC Two on Saturday 14 March 2009 at 9:00pm. There is also a book which accompanies the series.[2]

Episode list[edit]

Date Number Title Details
14 March 1 A Socialist Paradise How the collapse of communism affected people in the 'socialist paradise' of East Germany.
21 March 2 The Kingdom of Forgetting In communist Czechoslovakia, attempts to reform communism were crushed by Warsaw Pact allies in 1968.
28 March 3 Socialism in One Family Looking at communist Romania and Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu.


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