The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary

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"The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary"
3rd Rock from the Sun episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 9
Directed by Terry Hughes
Written by Valerie Watson
Production code 506
Original air date January 11, 2000
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Charitable Dick"
Next →
"Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary"
Episode chronology

"The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary" the 106th episode of the American sitcom television series 3rd Rock from the Sun and the ninth episode of the fifth season. The episode was written by Valerie Watson, directed by Terry Hughes and aired on January 11, 2000 on NBC. Guest stars in this episode include Chad Einbinder, Bob Morrisey, Theresa Mulligan, Larisa Oleynik, and Lisa K. Wyatt.

The episode takes place around Mary Albright using grant money to make a documentary about typical family using the Solomons. When the filming starts, all sorts of dramatic revelations ensue.

The title is a reference to the Loud family of Santa Barbara, California, who were the subject of the TV documentary An American Family.


Mary decided that she wants the Solomons to be the subject of a documentary she was making on the "typical American family". Only too quick to accept her offer, Dick saw it as an incredible validation of their mission. After filming began, the episode moved to a movie theater where the documentary was screened.

The documentary seemed to roughly follow a reality television format with scenes in the Solomons' home having the "camcorder look" and being intercut with interviews. When Dick covers up a slip-up by saying that Sally is a lesbian, it led to the aliens wildly "revealing" embarrassing secrets about each other. The real-life viewers realized that they made it all up to get back at each other for various indiscretions, but the fictional audience in the theater does not. As the Solomons' supposed problems ballooned out of control, Dick vainly struggled to make them come off as the "ideal family".

Once the film concluded, the Solomons were surprised by how much the rest of the audience liked it. Sally passionately made out with Don, telling him afterwards that he "kissed the 'gay' right out of me!" Dick asked Mary to make a film that is just about him without the rest of the family.

The family's supposed problems[edit]

  • Sally - made out by Dick to be a lesbian when he accidentally called her "Lieutenant" and she was overheard saying she didn't want to be exposed
  • Tommy - made out to a bed-wetter by Sally in retaliation for him saying that he wanted to be there when Don found out that she was a lesbian
  • Dick - made out by Tommy to physical abuse Tommy
  • Harry - made out by himself to be an alcoholic in hopes of getting more screen time
  • Dick - revealed (accurately) to not be Tommy's real father by Tommy

Stylistic differences[edit]

  • This is the only non-season one episode to have the opening title sequence before the cold open.
  • Only one "planet bumper" is used in this episode.

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