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The Louise Log
Genre Web Series
Created by Anne Flournoy
Starring Christine Cook
Morgan Hallett
Jennifer Sklias-Gahan
Pascal Yen-Pfister
Everett Quinton
Danusia Trevino
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 44
Executive producer(s) Anne Flournoy
Location(s) New York City, USA
Running time 2-10 minutes
Original release December 31, 2007 (2007-12-31) – November 27, 2014 (2014-11-27)
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The Louise Log is an American web series created by Anne Flournoy.[1] The Louise Log details the confessions of a New York City wife and mother hell-bent on getting it right in spite of her high-maintenance husband, her addiction to caffeine, an elaborate ensemble of notable characters and her over-active inner voice. The first episode aired on YouTube on the last day of 2007.[2] Another forty-three episodes have since been released, and have been shown on YouTube,[3] Koldcast, Vimeo and In the first two series Christine Cook starred as Louise; in the third series Morgan Hallett took over that role.

Cast and Characters[edit]

  • Christine Cook, as Louise (series 1&2)
  • Morgan Hallett, as Louise (series 3)
  • Mohammad Akmal, as Raj
  • Talullah Mei Barni, as Liza
  • Aidan Brogan, as Charles (series 1&2)
  • Bruno Zero, as Charles (series 3)
  • Snezhana Chernova, as Svetlana
  • Senemi D’Almeida, as Cica
  • Mathilde Dratwa, as Monique
  • Kenneth B. Goldberg, as Phineas (series 1&2)
  • Joe Franchini, as Phineas (series 3)
  • Catherine Siracusa, as The Principal/Guidance Counsellor
  • Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, as Ava
  • Pascal Yen-Pfister, as Phineas
  • Everett Quinton, as Ethelred
  • Danusia Trevino, as Queen Elizabeth


The Louise Log was created by Sundance Film Festival veteran[4] Anne Flournoy and produced by Micro-Movies LLC. Anne wrote the first seventeen episodes alone, but from episode 18-26 she was assisted by Sandra Vannucchi, and from episode 27-44 she was assisted by Mark Mordecai Green. Numerous people have been involved in the various aspects of making and distributing the series.

Critical reception[edit]

The Louise Log won two awards at the 2014 LA Web Festival,[5] Outstanding Writing in a Comedy (Anne Flournoy), and Lead Actress (Christine Cook, Seasons 1 & 2).[6]

The Louise Log was shortlisted for the 2013 Web Show Shorty Awards.[7]

The Independent, in its annual review of 10 Filmmakers to Watch, included Anne Flournoy for The Louise Log, and published an interview with her.[8]

Digital Chick TV described The Louise Log as "a hilarious on-going comedy that gets into a woman’s mind. Literally.".[9]

Good Day, Regular People said, "I very much relate to the heroine in this series, Louise. I do all the fumbling self doubt and second guessing of myself, as she does. My internal dialogue is much like hers--and to hear it voiced aloud, I laugh in recognition. And relief."[10]

Funny Not Slutty said that The Louise Log is "a dark, funny, weird yet relatable web series about a woman, her life, her men, and her inner voice".[11]

Episode Synopsis[edit]

Episode # Episode Name Synopsis First Aired
1 How To Face Mortality On mortality. And the importance of a good haircut. Dec-31-2007
2 How To Talk To Men Louise is confronted about talking to men. Farmers... at the farmers market. Feb-2-2008
3 How to Live on the Edge Louise, on the subject of being addicted to the caffeine rush, and the search for a perfect tomato. Mar-2-2008
4 How to Take It Like a Girl Louise tries some old tricks. Mar-8-2008
5 How to Wreck Your Reputation Louise manages to blow the one commitment she has. Apr-18-2008
6 How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee Marriage isn't all fun and games. Louise shares her secret weapon for keeping her cool. May-18-2008
7 How to Have Fresh, Radiant Skin Louise shows how you can too. And how, if it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger. Jun-20-2008
8 How to Interview Babysitters Girded with her usual high hopes, Louise meets three, potential European babysitters. Nothing goes as planned. Aug-30-2010
9 How to Get a Woman Excited Louise asks Phineas to help her get undressed. Oct-7-2008
10 The Revenge of the Minivan A minivan, with optional safety features, gets Louise to the IRS audit on time. Nov-1-2008
11 The New Babysitter Louise leaves the kids with a babysitter and has a date with her over-active inner voice. Dec-1- 2008
12 How to Meet Your Child's Principal Louise sails into school to be showered with praise by the Guidance Counselor. Feb-1-2009
13 How to Deal with a Cute Repairman When Louise invites a strange man into the house her facade is put to the test. Mar-12-2009
14 How to Set Up a Ménage à Trois Louise and Phineas try to rein in Raj, the plumber. Apr-22-2009
15 How to Become a Bellydancer Louise, the housewife, discovers her inner firecracker. Jul-30-2009
16 How to Chair Wrestle Phineas demonstrates his youthful masculinity, at the expense of his back. Oct-17-2009
17 How to Wreck Your Marriage By trying to free herself of her inner critic, Louise turns her life on its head. May-13-2010
18 How to Kill Your Husband Louise faces the facts about Phineas. Nov-1-2010
19 How to Make Matters Worse Louise gets to the bottom of things. Nov-30-2010
20 How to Be Free of Envy Ava to the rescue. Not. Dec-21-2010
21 How to Welcome a Witch Doctor The Witch Doctor makes a house call. Louise's sister Ava, her lesbian lover, the emo niece, and the hot babysitter, all help in trying to bring Phineas out of his coma. Jan-31-2011
22 How to Lose Weight Louise learns of a surprising new technique for weight loss and fitness. Mar-1-2011
23 How to Light Your Inner Firecracker Louise realizes that if she wants to hold on to her hot new husband, she'd better figure out how to connect to the hot self within, which lives under her housewife self. May-1-2011
24 How to Cope with Your Inner Cat Louise has issues. May-31-2011
25 How Not to Make a Webseries Plagued by self-doubt, her high-maintenance husband, her mean-girl sister, and major technical problems, Louise starts to shoot her webseries. Jun-30-2011
26 How to Flirt Louise's bossy sister Ava insists on being at the meeting with Matt Kirsch, the star and creator of the Webby-honored web series 'duder'. Aug-1-2011
27 How to Be a MILF Louise's sister Ava - she of the bedroom eyes and absolutely no morals - presents a step-by-step guide on how to be a MILF. Nov-30-2011
28 How to Be Cool Louise and her sister Ava are co-producing. This episode shows, blow by blow, how not to shoot a video web series. Dec-31-2011
29 How To Cope With War On A Video Set All hell breaks loose after Ava fires Louise and tries to direct (and star in) the video herself. Feb-1-2012
30 How To Be Woman Angry with her wild sister Ava about stealing her (Louise's) video series, Louise cools off on The Highline. Mar-1-2012
31 How To Fake It Louise and her power mad sister collide and burst into flames on set. It's War and Peace in three and a half minutes. Apr-1-2012
32 How To Tap Into Your Power Louise and her power mad sister seem to have worked things out. Or have they? May-1-2012
33 How To Be Where You Are Louise's power-mad sister and niece have a relationship crisis over a red dress. Jun-1-2012
34 How To Bully a Bully Louise directs her sister Ava, a bully, and her out-of-control niece Monique in a music video. Oct-15-2012
35 How To Fire Things Up With Your In-Laws Louise's crackpot in-laws arrive—with a lot of baggage. Jan-30-2014
36 How To Get What You Want How can you get what you want? Learn along with Louise. Feb-27-2014
37 How To Get There By Subway How to get around NYC on the subway... even with 'Service Changes'. Louise'll show you how. Mar-27-2014
38 How To Get Out Of Crazytown Louise's babysitter Svetlana brings over a surprise solution to all of life's problems. Unfortunately, the solution also causes some new ones. Apr-24-2014
39 How To Re-enter The Work Force Louise goes back to work. With a bang. May-29-2014
40 How To Ruin A Hot Date Louise's sister is out of control. Jul-31-2014
41 How To Shake N’ Bake A Marriage Louise'll show you how to spice up any relationship. Aug-28-2014
42 How To Be Chill Louise hires a domineering Cleaning Lady. Nothing goes as planned. Sep-25-2014
43 How To Fix Your Family (NOT) Louise ropes the family into family therapy. There are some unexpected complications. Oct-30-2014
44 How To Go Rogue Louise comes face to face with being a phoney and dares to let her True Self out of the bag. Nov-27-2014

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