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Not to be confused with Mad scene.

The Mad Scene was a musical group based in New York City. Core members were guitarist Hamish Kilgour (also drummer of The Clean), and guitarist/bassist Lisa Siegel.


The band was founded in 1990 in Auckland, New Zealand. They were originally called Monsterland, but had to change their name upon moving to New York City the following year, because there was already a local band of that name.[1] They released an EP Falling Over, Spilling Over in 1992 on NYC indie label Homestead Records. Hamish's former label, New Zealand's Flying Nun, released the band's debut album A Trip Thru Monsterland in 1993.[2] After some personnel changes the band signed to Merge Records and their second album Sealight was released in 1996.

The band has released other singles and EPs on various indie labels (see the discography below). They played often in New York City, but they recorded rarely .

Band members in a revolving line-up included Hamish Kilgour, Lisa Siegel, Brian Turner, Josh Feldman, Gary Olson, Georgia Hubley, and Katie Gentile.




  • Falling Over: Spilling Over (1992)
  • The Greatest Time! (1995)
  • Chinese Honey - Little Teddy Recordings (1996)
  • Shamu Killer Whale! (1998)


  • We're All Normal and We Want Our Freedom - A Tribute to Arthur Lee and Love (She Comes in Colors) - Alias Records (1994)
  • Sympathy for Count Pococurante Vol. 1 (Shake) - Dark Beloved Cloud (1994)
  • Oh, Merge: A Merge Records 10 Year Anniversary Compilation - (Kokomo Joe) - Merge Records (1999)
  • Sing A Song For You: Tribute To Tim Buckley (Happy Time) - Manifesto (2000)
  • Woosh! Little Teddy Recordings 1991-2001 (Transatlantic Telephone Conversation) - Little Teddy Recordings (2001)
  • Floosh! (Floosh!) - Little Teddy Recordings (2002)
  • Old Enough 2 Know Better (Spilled Oranges (as Mad Scene)) - Merge Records (2004)
  • Yeti Three (Western Garden + Outro) - Yeti Publishing (2005)
  • Still Unravished - A Tribute To The June Brides (No Place Called Home) - Yesboyicecream (2006)
  • SCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records (I Met You In My Dreams + The Greatest Time) - Merge Records - (2009)


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