The Man Who Invented the Moon

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The Man Who Invented the Moon
The Man Who Invented the Moon
Directed by John Cabrera
Produced by Larry Fitzgibbon
Written by Lee Kirk
Starring Sean Gunn
Nicolette DiMaggio
Julie Dolan
Brent Sexton
Music by Willie Wisely
Cinematography Ken Seng
Edited by John Cabrera
Distributed by Normandie County Films
Running time
32 mins
Country United States
Language English

The Man Who Invented the Moon is a 2003 film by Normandie County Films written by Lee Kirk and directed by John Cabrera. The film stars Sean Gunn, Nicolette DiMaggio, Julie Dolan, and Brent Sexton and was produced by Larry Fitzgibbon. The Man Who Invented the Moon was John Cabrera's directorial debut.



  • Joe Colburn as Sammy Hughes
  • Nicolette Dimaggio as Haley/Megan
  • Julie Dolan as Haley 2
  • Brent Sexton as Tommy
  • Charles Brame as Abe Lincoln
  • Matt Gunn as Dan McMahon
  • Dave Barnes as Santa Claus
  • Eddie Ebell as Jesus Christ
  • Robert Gantzos as Davy Crocket
  • Michael Cornacchia as Babe Ruth
  • Michael Garvey as Super Amazing
  • Cathi Stinson as Neighbor

Festival Showings[edit]

  • The Midwest Independent Film Festival
  • Saint Louis International Film Festival
  • Los Angeles International Short Film Festival


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