The Martins (film)

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The Martins
Directed by Tony Grounds
Produced by Bruce Davey
Written by Tony Grounds
Starring Lee Evans
Kathy Burke
Eric Byrne
Linda Bassett
Mark Strong
Paddy Considine
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £855,874 (UK)

The Martins is a comedy, produced in 2001, written and directed by Tony Grounds, starring Lee Evans and Kathy Burke.[1]


Out of work scrounger Robert Martin lives with his dysfunctional family who are long suffering wife Angie, accident prone son Little Bob, who is bullied at school even by his teacher who Robert brandishes a gun at, and pregnant teenage of 14 daughter Katie. They live in a shabby house in Hatfield next door to the Galleria shopping centre above the A1, about 25 miles north of London.

Competition addict Robert dreams of winning a holiday for his family to a dream island, which turns out to be Isle Of Man. He fails to win a competition. Feeling cheated out of a win, he flips and first goes to the editor's office with a gun and steals his suit, then to an ice cream shop with his family and steals a parrot from a pet shop for Little Bob's birthday. Robert tracks down the elderly winners, threatens them with a gun, ties them up in the cellar and steals their tickets. The police find them tied up. Upon arriving, Angie finds out Robert has cheated on her with their next door neighbour, however, the family enjoy the holiday. The Police eventually catch up with Martin; he is convicted and sent to jail. He is later released to find his family life has improved.


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