The Mess Hall (album)

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The Mess Hall
MH Self titled.jpg
Studio album by The Mess Hall
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Indie rock
Length ?
Label Shock Records
Producer ?
The Mess Hall chronology
The Mess Hall LP
Feeling Sideways EP

The Mess Hall released in 2001,[1] is the first full-length album from the Australian rock band, the Mess Hall.[2] The band's self-titled, lo-fi debut album was described as, "....the perfect soundtrack to trashing a hotel room".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dead Field Stomp"
  2. "Railyard Rumble"
  3. "Danny Blue-Tongue Blues"
  4. "Air"
  5. "Hit Like That In The Ring"
  6. "Hell Is Just A Bar"
  7. "Hollerin' Love"
  8. "Highway Like A Trail"
  9. "I Feel Like A Dog"
  10. "Medley"


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