The Minnesota Review

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The Minnesota Review
Editor Janell Watson
Categories Literary magazine
Frequency Biannually
Publisher Duke University Press
First issue 1960
Country United States
ISSN 0026-5667 (print)
2157-4189 (web)

The Minnesota Review is a literary magazine covering literary and cultural studies which places a special emphasis on politically engaged criticism, fiction, and poetry. Issues are often "themed," recent issues examining the nature of academic publishing, of academic celebrity, and of "smart" working class kids' experiences as adults or children within the educational system.


The Minnesota Review was established in 1960 in Minnesota. Some of the early editors were from Macalester College, but early issues have a disclaimer against affiliation with any university. The magazine was oriented toward publishing avant garde fiction, poetry, and graphic work. From 1982, edited by Fred Pfeil and Michael Sprinker, it began to acquire the Marxist overtones and emphasis on literary theory for which it would later be known. Under the editorship of Jeffrey Williams, it moved from out-and-out Marxism to politically conscious cultural studies.


The following persons have been editor-in-chief of the magazine:

Years Editor-in-chief Years Editor-in-chief
early 60s Sarah Foster and Neil Myers 1982–1986 Fred Pfeil and Michael Sprinker
mid/late 60s Roy Arthur Swanson 1986–1992 Michael Sprinker
1967–1973 Alvin Greenberg 1992-2010 Jeffrey J. Williams
1973–1982 Roger Mitchell 2010-present Janell Watson

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