The Missing Coach

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The Missing Coach is an episode in the 2nd season of the children's television show Thomas & Friends. The episode was based on the fifteenth Railway Series book by the Reverend W. Awdry entitled The Twin Engines. However, due to concerns about the complexity of the plot by then-producer Britt Allcroft, the episode was cancelled mid-way through production;[citation needed] the episode Thomas, Percy and the Coal was subsequently created to take its place.[citation needed]


Newly arrived twin engines Donald and Douglas realise they only have numbers painted on their tenders, and lack nameplates. While shunting trucks in the yard, Douglas accidentally shunts Thomas's special coach into the wrong siding, which was supposed to be carrying passengers on Thomas' Branch Line. The twins decide to swap tenders so Donald can explain the situation to the Fat Controller while Douglas stays temporarily out of trouble. However, upon the coach and passengers leaving, the Fat Controller reveals he was wise to their trick and admonishes Douglas for his trickery.[1]